9th October 2015 Budapest / Hungary


Many thanks to our guests, presenters, partners and volunteers. We think it was great, we just can't wait to continue.

Summary about the urban game workshop | Summary about the conference Mind the Game conference 2014

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Mindspace – act natural

The organisation that involves, transfers, communicates, solves, teaches, and plays. Mindspace is organising a conference about livable city, and how to involve people into actions using playful methods.

6-8th October 2015 Mind the Game workshop

The workshop will be a three-day-event focusing on exchange of experiences, inspiration and creation. We expect to have 20 participants from various background to collaborate and learn together. The results of the workshop will be integrated to the urban game organised on the 8th of October. Come and get inspired. Register here

8th October 2015 Mind the Game - Urban Game

We cannot only talk about the game. We have to play the game. The night before Mind the Game conference we invite our guests for a 3-hour-long game to play at super secret locations which will only be revealed at the very last moment before the start. The players will not only experience what it is like to play, but will also find out, by forming small groups of players and locals, what it is like to be a part of everyday life in Budapest. The players will have to solve problems with the help of locals, and play endlessly. Games can function as a method of learning but are also sources of happiness that is why we can make great use of them in every area of life. This method of using games is called gamification but before giving a precise explanation of what it is, we would like to invite you to experience it first. Register here

9th October 2015 Mind the Game conference - Conference for a livable city, in the spirit of games

How to motivate residents playfully to make their city more livable? The conference puts emphasis on the methods of gamification and the idea of a livable city and smart city. We thoroughly cover both subjects and connect them to each other. What makes a city more livable, more lovable more colorful and what motivates residents to form happy communities? We would like to get to know and also adapt effective and popular practices, from similar events from foreign cities, which have resulted in motivating the public without having to place billboards around the city. The main language of the conference is Hungarian, but we provide English interpretation. Register here

Who is the conference for? Who we recommend the conference to?

1. For decision-makers:
We welcome participants who are interested in what makes a city more livable, more sustainable, more loveable, more colorful, and are either from municipalities of Budapest or from municipalities of other cities.

2. For representatives of the business sector:
Gamification is a tool that contributes to the development of companies, helps motivating employees and strengthens a company’s image, both within and outside the company.

3. For NGO’s:
There is no other sector where involvement, proactivity and long-term ambition are as important as in the case of non-profit organizations. At the conference we will present some outstanding foreign examples.

4. For students:
There are only few as colorful and exciting conferences as this one in which students can participate in. But as we all know first impressions are really important. That is why we think it is worth getting your first impression on this conference with us. And be the next generation with power-and-playful tools in your pocket.

5. For Budapest residents:
Who care about their environment, who feel as a part of the city and who wish to feel the beat of the wonderful city: Budapest. And of course, the ones who are curious about what makes a city livable and what does not.

Price of the ticket is 4000 HUF. The registration only becomes valid after transfering this amount to the account 16200010-00207276 of Mindspace Non-profit Kft. at Magnet Bank. Please indicate Mind the game.



6-8th of October 2015

10.00-18.00 Mind the Game workshop

8th of October 2015

18.00-21.00 Urban game in the city

9th of October 2015

Presentations are in Hungarian and English, interpretation is provided.

9.00-10.00 Registration


Maya Vértesi - Klímanagykövetség, Budapest
Ádám Kobrizsa - Mindspace, Budapest
Ádám Szűcs - Egy nap a városban, Budapest 


Gábor Soóki-Tóth - RICS Hungary, Budapest
István Tolonics - Budapest

11.20-12.20 International practices

Attila Katona - REC Central Europe
Illah Van Oijen - Aliancia Stará tržnica, Bratislava
Kuba Zary, Magdalena Przewlocka - WroccFF, Wroclaw

12.20-13.20 Lunch

13.20-14.25 Local games in Budapest

Miklós Guthy - Urbango, Budapest 
Attila Szaló - Sighter, Budapest
Emese Káldi - Imagine Budapest, Budapest
Fanni Nánay - Placcc , Budapest

14.30-15.45 Tools of motivation

Andrea Joós - Élménybiológia, Budapest
Szilvia Zsargó - Mindspace, Budapest
Gáspár Horváth - Miutcánk.hu, Budapest 
Samu Szemerey - KÉK / DT, Budapest
Eszter Tóth - KultúrAktív, Hamburg-Budapest 


20.00-24.00 Afterparty at Lumen Cafe and Bar

Gábor Csaba Soóki-Tóth
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Budapest

Gábor Soóki-Tóth is an urban planner and chartered surveyor. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest, Nottingham Trent University and the Intarnational Training Centre for Bankers. Throughout his 20+ years' career he held various advisory and managerial roles with international consulting firms and investors.


His current advisory practice includes among others the organisation of a local economic development cluster in the region of the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Besides his day-to-day work he maintained an active academic career contributing to courses at the BUTE Urban Planning Department, Corvinus University, CEU Business School and CEP in Bucharest. He is member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and currently chairs the RICS Planning&Development Professional Group in Hungary.


Andrea Joós

Radio editor-presenter and biology teacher. She works at the Deák Square Lutheran High School, the Lauder Javne School, and in the Klubrádió. She believes that teaching biology and science-communication is not an end, but the means through which she can inspire people, and it makes her pleased to see that they are making headway on their individual journeys. Her main teaching tools being experience-centeredness and gamification.


Her radio show addresses scientific issues (Többet Ésszel), she edits television programmes, contributes to various short films raising public awareness of the importance of environmental consciousness, and writes a blog focusing on science-communication (Élménybiológia). In her free time she sings in an improvisational choir, and also enjoys drawing, painting, as well as taking photographs, her best photo montages have recently been exhibited (“Bridges of Budapest”). Andrea draws her energy from her relationships with people, her daily meditation routine, and she has walked the El Camino twice to recharge.

She gave a talk at TEDxDanubia in 2015 about how „cool” it is to be a teacher.


Samu Szemerey
KÉK - Design Terminal, Budapest

Samu Szemerey is an architect and urbanist interested in design as inquiry. His works investigate the relationship of contemporary culture, accessible technology and the human environment. He is a founding member and curator of KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center.


He has taught, published and lectured internationally. As a consultant and strategist he works with cities, institutions and private clients. He has directed workshops, research projects and curated exhibitions and public programs. From 2014 he also works with Design Terminal as advisor.
His ongoing PhD research focuses on networked technologies in urban space.
He is based in Budapest.


Miklós Guthy
Urbango, Budapest

Miklós is co-founder of the urban treasure hunt tour called Urbango.


It was launched in June 2015 and so far the players have given only enthusiastic feedbacks assuring an excellent base for the further development of the service.

Miklós holds the COO position of one of Hungary's leading web development companies and he is passionate about lean product development methodologies.


Kuba Żary
Wroclaw Film Foundation, Wroclaw

Music and culture journalist, freelance art curator, publicist. Ex-editor-in-chief of culture website G-punkt.pl and before that a head of music department in Radio LUZ, worked also for Art&Business, Piana Magazine, Popvictims.pl.


Lecturer and moderator of debates, press conferences and live interviews (for example at T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty festival, Eklektik Session, Documentary Film Academy “MovieWro”, Podwodny Wroclaw, Wroclawski Sound, Wroclaw Guitar Festival). 

Spokesmen and PR manager for institutions and cultural events such as MIASTOmovie, DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY, Polish Cinema for Beginners. Curator of city oriented art projects (Ultrashort City Memory, VOID). Head of Jury for Szczyt Kultury, an award dedicated to cultural animators from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia and an author of Siodmy Kontynent programme under the patronage of the embassies of Australia and New Zealand.

Presentation Speech


Magdalena Przewlocka
Wroclaw Film Foundation, Wroclaw

Journalism graduate from the Philological Institute at University of Wroclaw and a current postgraduate student of Communication Design at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication. 


She also graduated from the School of Theatrical Characterization.Co-creator and co-programmer of the „MIASTOmovie" - film festival about urban planning, architecture and social changes in the cities. Coordinator of the festival centre and volunteer centre and guardian of the festival’s guests during the International Documentary Film Festival“Okiem Młodych” (“In the Eye of the Youth”) in Świdnica. She cooperates with few festivals like Planete + Doc Wroclaw (Docs Against Gravity), WATCH DOCS or DoFA - Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture. Since 2013 she is a member of the Wroclaw Film Foundation.

Presentation Speech

Emese Káldi
ImagineBudapest, Budapest

Emese Káldi is the founder and managing director of ImagineBudapest, a private enterprise dedicated to thematic urban walks. 


It has been organising alternative walking tours for both Hungarians and foreigners since 2008, with the aim of introducing the city in an unprecedented way. The main goal is that closer ties are developed between city walkers and the city itself. It can be realised if the participants start to like, learn and understand how Budapest works. The tours are full of entertainment, good cheer and plenty of useful information. It is a widely known cultural event, where all generations can find a new way to Budapest.

In addition, ImagineBudapest offers urban games, team building activities, local history lectures, live discussion forums, and several other programmes.

Emese guides some of these walking tours from the very beginning. Besides, her responsibilities include general managament and the development of the above mentioned events.



István Tolonics

István Tolonics graduated as a civil engineer, and as a psychologist. He was the leader of a group establishing an advisory office for students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. 


He took part in the public education as an engineer teacher. Currently he is a bridge-examining engineer.

Illah van Oijen
Alliancia Stara Trznica, Budapest

Dutch photographer & cultural manager is active in Slovakia's public space since 2005. 


She published books about Bratislava and Kosice, co-founded the first big street market and community event Dobry Trh (Good Market) in Bratislavaand is as member of the Alliancia Stara Trznica responsible for weekly food markets in the newly opened Old Markethall in the centre of Bratislava. 

Presentation Speech

Eszter Tóth
kultúrAktív Association, Budapest-Hamburg

Eszter, as founder and chairwoman of kultúrAktív Association, is involved in built enviroment education projects in Hungary.


She writes books for children about cities, develops urban games, and experiments with different methods and formats to sensitize young people for architecture and urban space. She is a PhD candidate at the HafenCity University Hamburg and focuses in her research on games that can facilitate youth`s engagement in urban development. 



Szilvia Zsargó
Mindspace, Budapest

As a founder of Mindspace Non-profit ltd., I enjoy transforming my professional experience and strategic knowledge to real-life projects and actions.


My main interests are motivation through gamification, knowledge transfer with non-formal education tools and involvement of citizens in the creation of a liveable city. 

I obtained both of my diplomas at the TU Budapest, as an engineering manager specialized in environmental management and as an industrial designer. Since 2004 I deal with development policy and with the planning and management of EU-funded projects, mainly in the area of sustainable transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Since 2011 I’m involved with various programmes and projects of Climate-KIC- an EU-wide consortium on climate innovation - as participant, coach and organizer as well.

My favourite “non-professional” activity is the choir, where besides singing sometimes we perform an opera or organize a cultural programme-series to make the local cultural vibe even more exciting.


Ádám Kobrizsa
Mindspace, Budapest

Adam Kobrizsa is one of the founders of Mindspace Nonprofit Ltd, which works with 12 experts in the fields of smart city and non-formal education. He is one of the owners of Lumen Cafe and Bar which is an important cultural hub in Budapest.


He graduated as civil engineer and studied sociology, worked in the field of water management on regional-governmental level, worked for Hungarian Cyclists's Club and MOME line and now in his own companies. 

Their most important projects are the "Smart City Budapest" initiative, the "Danube Flow - Danube Calling!" and the "Budapest in 100 words". He is really interested in cultural urban development and practical networking operation.


Maya Vértesi
Climate Embassy Association

Currently she works for a recruitment agency as a sourcing coordinator and she’s been leading Climate Embassy Association for 3 years.


After studying photography, teaching English, and volunteering and working for different organisations (British Council Hungary, TEDxYouth@Budapest, Climate Embassy Association, Mindspace); Maya started to study economics specialized on HR at Corvinus University of Budapest. In a practical way, based on wonderful opportunities and hard work, she realised: management, communication, organizing and teamwork are the ones for her.  

Care, think, the pursuit of awareness and being ready to take action for the intellectual and real environment is as obvious for her as the fact that it is necessary. She sees potential for visualization, communication, gamification and communities against apathy, irresponsibility and self-interest.


Attila Katona
Regional Environmental Center, Szentendre

Attila Katona is a Smart Cities and Mobility Advisor of the Regional Environmental Center (REC), co-founder of the Hungarian Sustainable University Network (HUSUN), a bioenergy start-up and a pan-European climate consultancy.


As a hyper-engaged citizen, he participated in dozens of hungarian grassroot initiatives and worked with Climate-KIC, WWF Hungary, Hungarian Red Cross, Visegrad Fund and BEST. His qualifications include Environmental Engineering and Regional Economics.

Attila is passionate about tackling urban challenges with innovative bottom-up solutions, because what happens in cities is crucial to the sustainable development agenda and the betterment of society. As hundreds of imaginative and innovative projects are already underway, he is focusing on a systemic approach and transitioning of best practices.


Gáspár Horváth

Gazsi as a co-founder of Miutcank.hu responsible for the product and marketing strategy. Graduated on civil engineering than management and leadership. 


Hi was involved in creating livable cities. In Miutcank.hu they started with the people. If they can create trust and communities, we can have a good place for living.


Attila Szaló
Sighter, Budapest

Attila Szaló is a seasoned game developer who co-founded Sighter: a photography driven scavenger hunt platform. Their mission is to turn the city into a playground - and turn sightseeing into a fun adventure.


Sighter is a GPS based mobile scavenger hunt app where users can hide and seek out visual treasures, such as statues or street art. Creating and capturing these sights work with simple photography. Gamification rewards and social integration encourage people to discover cities together.

They also offer Sighter as a platform for destination marketing; in Ireland there are over 20 heritage sites with treasure trails. Beside this they organize team-building activities and city discovery events for corporations and conference groups as well.

Fanni Nánay

Fanni Nánay was born in Budapest, studied Hungarian and Polish philology (MA / BA), and cultural anthropology (MA) at Janus Pannonius University in Pécs, as well as theatre studies at Jagellonian University in Cracow (PhD). 


In her thesis she focused on Polish companies and events working on the borderline of theatre and non-theatre (religion, politics, community). Her interests in art out of the traditional places and contexts of art led her to a deeper involvement in site specific art and art in public space, and in 2008 she founded PLACCC International Festival of Site-specific Art and Art in Public Space (together with Katalin Erdődi, who left the festival in 2011). She also works as free-lanced organiser and programmer for different Hungarian companies and festivals, furthermore writes theatre reviews.





Horánszky str. 13.

H13 is a Student- and Business Development Center. Its main goal is to create a cultural, intellectual and leisure hub for students living in the area.




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Maximum participants for Urban game event is 200 people.
Maximum participants for Conference event is 170 people.

Price of the ticket: 4000 HUF

The registration only becomes valid after the transfer of HUF 4000 to the account of Mindspace Nonprofit Kft. (nr: 16200010-00207276, SWIFT (BIC): HBWEHUHB)